New Motor Sales

Wheatley Electric specializes in electric motor sales in the Cincinnati, Ohio, tri-state region. Offering a variety of motors for your consumer needs for both commercial and residential purposes, Wheatley has you covered. We have new motors for everything from air conditioning, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, and pumping. We care about quality because we care about you. We only offer the greatest parts and brands in the industry to meet your electric motor needs.

We care about offering you only the best in electric motor sales, as a result, we have become stocking distributors for the best brands in the industry. Please note that some brands have been acquired from bigger companies such as Regal Beloit. We are aware of the acquisitions, and able to supply most desired brands.

Motor Sales

These quality brands ensure that our motor sales will give you peace of mind when your motor needs replaced and that everything will run as smoothly and as effectively as possible. Our electric motor sales staff is trained and knowledgeable in the motor sales industry and can take your calls to provide you with informative responses, quality customer service, and the attention you deserve.

We also specialize in pool motors and hot tub motors to offer our customers a wide range of motor sales options, even for their specialized motor needs.

Electric Motor Sales

Our commitment for motor sales began in 1934 in Cincinnati, Ohio and we have spent the years since then expanding our knowledge and expertise in electric motor sales. We have also focused on offering not just quality products, but increased options and services for our customers. Our motor sales offers pick-up and delivery options and on-site trouble shooting to allow us to offer the highest quality motor required for your needs and to get the replacement motor in place as quick as possible to keep everything running smoothly.

Give us a call today to talk to one of our representatives in the electric motor sales and motor sales department.

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