Swimming Pool Pump Repair
June 30, 2015
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Hot Tub Gone Cold-Jets Failing

It’s nice to get outside any time you can in the winter, while still staying warm.  Our preferred way of doing this is with a hot tub!  It’s a great place to get away if you want to be alone, but it can also be used with a special someone or your friends.

With the constantly fluctuating weather in Cincinnati and the greater tri-state area, it’s a perfect time to fire up the hot tub.  You take off the cover and go to get it ready, but the water is cold or the jets are not working.  What does this mean?  You have a broken spa pump motor.

What do you do to repair the broken “jacuzzi”, hot tub or spa pump?  CALL WHEATLEY ELECTRIC of course!  (513) 531-4951

Unfortunately we cannot fix cracks or leaks in the fiberglass or exterior of the tub, but if the pumps are not pumping we have you covered.

At Wheatley we work with and are very familiar with the best brands in the business.  From Aquaflo to Starite, Waterway and Jacuzzi.  We have several skilled technicians to make repairs.

What separates us from any similar companies?  First and foremost, we’ve been doing this since 1934!  Our experience is unmatched.  Second, our turnaround time is generally just a few days.  Last but not least, if a repair or rebuild is not possible we can recommend a replacement pump.

To all of the hot tub owners out there with pump problems, work with the best!  If you’re unsure if we can be of assistance, Visit our workshop or contact us.  We are happy to clarify any inquiries or conerns that you may have.  Thank you for considering Wheatley Electric!