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Pool Pump Repair

Call the Experts in Pool Pump Repairs

Problems with your pool pump can be frustrating. If you are like most people, you hit and kick the thing a few times before you stare at it and wonder if taking it apart would help. Do not waste your time attempting to repair your pump on your own unless you have training in pool pump repairs. Too many different things may be wrong with your pump, and the only thing more frustrating than having a problem is having recurring problems.

Get Your Problem Fixed the First Time

Our technicians know how to evaluate your pool pump quickly. It is not uncommon for old pumps to have multiple problems at once—especially if they are not well maintained. The technicians evaluate both your worn out parts and the parts that may need to be replaced in the near future. Then they alert you to problems they see, and discuss repair options. A proper evaluation of your pump is important to make sure your problem is fixed the first time.

Just a few of the common problems our technicians look for are:

  • Sticking parts
  • Clogged or damaged filters
  • Suction and water leaks
  • Wiring problems
  • Power supply problems
  • Worn tubes, seals, and valves

Repair or Replace Your Pump

Pool pump repairs are normal over the life of your pump, and they are often very economical; our rates are competitive and many of the parts that commonly go bad are inexpensive. However, for old pumps with multiple problems, the cost of repairs may become prohibitive. Our technicians are up-front with their repair estimates and your replacement options so you can make the best decision for your situation.

Get Back to Your Life

You have a busy schedule and do not want to waste all your free time fiddling with your pool pump. Allow the skilled technicians at Wheatley Electric Service Co. help you with your pump repairs so you are free to get back to your life. Call or email us today to schedule a repair.