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3 Common Causes of Sump Pump Failure

Wheatley Electric Service Company wants to become your go-to shop for all of your sump pump repair and replacement electric motor repair needs. In order to keep your basement from flooding, you’ve got to know how to take good care of your sump pump, and learning some of the most common causes of sump pump failure is a big part of that.

1. Incorrectly Sized Pump

If you have a pump that is the wrong size, or if it wasn’t installed the right way you’ll more than likely have problems with your pump. While a bigger sump pump may seem like a better option, they can be forced to work harder, which can cause you to need a premature sump pump repair in addition to shortening the life of your pump. If you have the opposite problem and your pump is too small, then it might not be able to get rid of water from your basement quickly enough, which might also cause you to need replacement electric motor repair sooner than necessary.

2. Problems With the Switch

One of the most common mechanical failures of sump pumps is problems with the switch. The problems happen whenever the pump flips from its position inside of the basin. When this happens the float is essentially useless. The float is what ensures that the on and off switch works as it should. If either the float arm or the switch isn’t working correctly, then your pump might not work correctly.

3. Clogged or Frozen Discharge Lines

If water is ever unable to siphon out of the sump pump’s discharge line, you’ll have problems. Make sure that you protect your discharge lines from icing over during the cold winter season and that you clear away all dirt, rocks and other kinds of debris. It’s important to note that a grated covering won’t be enough to keep your discharge lines from freezing or icing over. A discharge line attachment usually does a better job of keeping you from needing sump pump repair because of blocked water.

Should you ever experience any of these problems or others with your sump pump, or if you ever need replacement electric motor repair, contact the electric service and motor repair experts here at Wheatley Electric Service Company.